Protect Your Peace



Sometimes I feel like someone has placed my sanity in a piñata and everyone is taking a swing at it! It is like I have no control over my emotions and no one seems to notice. There are times when I am unable to grab ahold to this thing called life and feel as though I never will. At this moment, peace is only a figure of my imagination.


Have you ever felt like your live has shifted into overdrive while you are still in park? True enough, we expect life to stop and allow us to play catch up but it never does. We try our best to be happy and joyful all the time but it is just unrealistic. Especially in this wicked world we in today. With amber alerts setting our phones off every other minute, victims being prosecuted more than their violators, unarmed victims being killed by the hands of policemen and their families never receiving justice. Who could think of being of sound mind. Everyday there is an issue in the world that weighs on our peace. As if it wasn’t tough enough trying to balance our own lives. Now we must deal with the troubles of the world. How could we possibly relax when there is constant reminders of war and signs of the world going into ruins.

Then we have those people who personally attack our peace simply because they are unable to find their own. Often, we find it hard to pull ourselves from toxic people and relationships because we

are afraid to look selfish. When it comes to your peace of mind you must be selfish. You have permission to be all about you. Even if that means going ghost on some people. They will just have to learn that some of us are delicate and feel the weight and burdens of live much differently than the rest. Which calls for a PEACE session. Don’t feel bad for taking care of you before you can handle someone else’s dirty laundry. Some won’t understand your disappearing acts and may even choose to abandon you. Only then will you realize that those are the individuals who should have never been in your life in the first place.



So, for those of us who have a tough time protecting our peace, here are some reminders that can make choosing ourselves over others easier.

It’s okay to cancel a commitment

It’s okay to not answer the phone

It’s okay to change your mind

It’s okay to want to be alone

It’s okay to take the day off

It’s okay to do nothing

It’s okay to speak up

It’s okay to let go


Because nothing is worth your peace!