Be Good to Us August!

United States

It’s a new month of August which usually signifies back to school for many states. This means it’s time to plan to change some things such as sleep schedule, start buying some fall clothes, and start on your August goals! 

Oh boy! Are you like a night owl where you just sleep all day and be up all night? Because I am. But we have to STOP THAT — No more all nighters! The best thing to do the weekend before you start school Monday, is wake up early on Saturday morning, be productive, and get busy so you can be tired by night time and have the ability to sleep early. Repeat this again on Sunday so you’re ready to be up on time on Monday. 

Time to bring out those fall outfits or buy them now while they’re still on sale as the next few weeks are rolling in. While it’s technically still summer time, the temperatures will start to drop a little soon. You’ll be prepared for it! 

“New Month, New Me?” Nah, new month and new goals. What are some of the things you “said” you were gonna do last month and never did? DO THEM THIS MONTH. List out your goals you’ve been procrastinating on and the steps to achieve them and try this month. You’ve got 4 weeks, so don’t hold off this time. Mix it up and throw in some new goals that you have for the school year. Such as joining more clubs and organizations, being more social, working out, partying less and studying more. (Make sure getting all A’s is on that list too!)

That’s it folks! I wish you the best of the best of this new month of August. I hope we all accomplish every goals we set and may this month be filled with many blessings and opportunities. Reach out and claim it!