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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Savannah chapter.

As I sit on a plane headed back to Savannah Georgia, (10:05 9/26/2021) I gaze out the window from my seat on the plane.

This is my second time riding a plane and so my nerves are not the best but I feel better as it is night time and I can’t technically see what’s under me all I know is that I am up in the air. 

To help ease my nerves before the plane began to take off I started to pray. I prayed for my safety and the safety of the other passengers aboard this plane from Laguania NY to Savannah GA. 

I remember a talk I had this weekend with my brother and he said how looking out the window was a humbling experience. From Lack of fear, I did not really care to look out the window. 

However, From my window seat, I peeked down as we lifted into the air and continued to pray. 

Fear Not and Know that I am God 

Eventually, my fear went away and I cleared my mind of negative thoughts. I began to take in the beauty of the lights reflecting from the city below me. The city of New York below me was lit up.

I began praying once more as I felt talking to God would put me on ease for this trip. I began to pray that God points me in the right direction as I head back to school. I talked to God and told him how I want to be available to him and that I wanted him to order my steps going forward. 

As a college student, it is not easy. I transitioned from being a fully online student as a freshman to being in person as a sophomore. 

There was no more mother and father telling me what I could and could not do, all decisions were up to me. 

I knew for sure that I was not happy just yet with where I was heading in life. 

God, I know you love me and I want to walk in the purpose that you ordained for me. I know that I am not where I want to be in life. I feel like I am in a stuck place and I ask that you elevate me. I feel alone and when it comes to what I want to do in life I’m not sure that success will follow as there are so many people wanting to do what I desire.  I am not sure that I am able to live up to what I am destined for. God, I’m asking you to show me a sign to keep going. I’m willing to stay steadfast but I need to know you’re listening. 

Shortly after my prayer I looked out the window and realized we had passed the city. I no longer saw the ground lit up with lights. 

I was then hit with this message: 

I kept thinking about the word light. Now I know I had been staring down at them but I was confused as to why the word was stuck in my head. God, what is it that you are trying to tell me I wondered? I want to hear you. 

What is light?

Light is Light. What kind of question was that?

Who is Light?

God, are you wanting me to acknowledge that you are light? You are light, but what is the significance of me realizing this at this particular time. 

Look out your window. You are surrounded by the dark-filled sky & as you look down you notice the area you are in may not be as populated. Now back in New York as you looked down the city was filled with light, full of people. You prayed to me and I am allowing you to walk in your purpose but at the price of sacrifice. As you compare where you were to where you want to be you’ll notice there isn’t as much light. It does not matter that there is not a lot of light around you, you have to use the light in you. The light that I equip you with, the light that I predestined for you before you were even formed in your mother’s womb. If God is light and God is in you that light will have no choice but to show. No matter where you are that light will radiate even to someone you may not know. Your light will reach the right person. Your light will continue to shine as long as you believe in me and follow my word. Your light will be seen no matter where you are. Instead of trying to surround yourself with light, sometimes you have to move from something that is already illuminated and step into something unknown to create your own light. Yes, I know it may be scary because you can’t see where you’re headed or even see past the situation or place that you’re in BUT once you walk into the light that I have called you to walk in you will illuminate your own path. It may be different from what you had in mind and sometimes that light may go out or a fuse might even blow causing you to steer from your purpose but I am the electrician. I am the one who you turn to when you need to be fixed and healed. 

Now this was a lot to take in, but my take away from this message was:

God has a purpose for us all. We have to walk in this purpose by following his gospel that way we know we are under his grace and mercy. Without God’s grace, mercy, and protection we are nothing. 

God wants us to be a light. There are many different types of lights in the world. We aren’t all meant to shine the same nor shine in the same arena. I feel God told me today not to rush the process of life and to not worry. If I continue to walk with God my purpose will reveal itself and the light that I have in me will allow my dreams to come to fruition. When you have God on your side it is impossible to fail. God reminded me that there may be millions of others in the world, many different lights but he is the creator of light. The one who has the power to lift me up and exert me over all men. 

I am grateful to know the Lord and I felt what my brother felt, a humbling experience one revealed to me from God simply by looking out the window. 

Liv Carter

Savannah '24

I am Olivia Carter and I attend Thee Illustrious Savannah State University. 🦋 21'-22' HerCampus Writing Coordinator!