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The Workout Boost You Need This Holiday Season

We are now in the middle of the Holiday season. You are probably feeling it from Thanksgiving dinner still, and looking forward to all of the Christmas cookies and Christmas meals on the way. As much as we wish Holiday calories didn’t count, they do, and they can be the hardest to lose. I recently started kickboxing and it is one of the best things I could have done. Everyone gets so busy around the Holidays it may be hard to find time for a workout, not anymore. If you want to get in shape and do it fast, this is the perfect workout for you! Where can you kick box in the QC? A little place called 9Round. Here are 9 reasons why you should give 9Round a try today!


1. Fast Results

Each workout is only 30 minutes long, but it is non stop. 9 Round workouts are designed to help you burn a massive amount of calories in a short amount of time. All while strengthening and building endurance. I started seeing results after just one week (3 sessions) and even more after two week! Check out their website to see some incredible transformations!


2. No Class Times

Because of the way their 30 minute workout is designed, there are no class times. There are new rounds starting every 3 minutes throughout the day which makes it perfect to work around class times or any busy schedule. Just show up when it’s convenient for you! 


3. Friendly Trainers

Every time you go you will be greeted by friendly, personal trainers who are ready to help you get your best workout in. They know you by name, instruct you at each round, and push you to do your best. There will always be at least one “trainer led” drill where you will work one-on-one with a trainer.

4. Stress Relief

This might be my favorite part of the experience. Have a bad day? Go punch it out at 9 Round. These intense kickboxing workouts are perfect for unleashing any pent up anger or stress you may have. Sweat the stress away!


5. 30 Minute Workouts

You can no longer use the excuse that you don’t have time to workout. These workouts are only 30 minutes! You will spend 3 minutes at each round, doing the exercise non stop. Then there are 30 second transitions where you will be given a transition exercise to do until the next round starts. It may be only 30 minutes, but it’s 30 minutes of non stop movement.


6. Full Body Workout

9 Round is a complete full body burner every time. Between punching and kicking to squats and curls you will walk out feeling like you got the most of your 30 minutes.


7. Different Workouts Each Day

You will never do the same workout twice. You will never be bored and your body will always be challenged.

8. Any Skill Level

Each round is 3 minutes long, so it is up to you how much weight you lift and how fast you move. There is no pressure to do a certain amount of reps or weight. 9 Round has a variety of people from athletes to people taking their first step into a healthier lifestyle. It is a judgement free zone and the trainers are there every step encouraging you to push yourself. 


9. First Time is Free

Still not convinced? Give it a try and see for yourself! The first workout is always free. Plus you’ll receive a FREE 10 DAY PASS if you mention my name!

Get out there and get fit this Holiday Season! 

How it Works:

Round 1: Jump Rope to build stamina

Round 2: Use dumb bells, kettle bells, or medicine balls to build strength 

Rounds 3-8: Kickbox Fitness where you will punch and kick to work on power, coordination, conditioning, speed, and so much more. 

Round 9: Abs & Core


All photos provided by Alissa

Senior Editor Early Childhood Ed Pole Vault & Javelin Babe on a Budget xoxo -alissa deshanealissam@sau.edu
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