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Why everyone should listen to Noah Kahan this Fall.

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Noah Kahan is an artist on the rise who writes and sings about so many struggles that most people go through. In this article, I will be going through each song and its meaning to show there is a song that everyone can relate to on this album. Where most of the songs for Noah are related to past relationships, these songs can also relate to family or friends as well. Noah has such an interesting and emotional way of portraying these situations to still bring somethings up for interpretation.

  1. Norther Attitude – Talks about how you are raised affects you in adulthood. It is a conversation with someone he has known about where they are in their lives.
  2. Stick Season – Is about thinking of an old relationship that fell apart and how that has affected him coming back to his hometown.
  3. All My Love – Is a love song on the album remembering all the love given in a relationship. Also, the love that is still there after the separation no matter what.
  4. She Calls Me Back – Talks about sacrifices made in a relationship and how this can change how someone feels when they are no longer around that person.
  5. Come Over – This song talks about how not liking where you live but still inviting people in and over to make things seem more normal.
  6. New Perspective – Talks about someone leaving his hometown and coming back with a new look on life and the world. You miss the connection you had with your hometown and try to drag them back “down” to it.
  7. Everywhere, Everything – Is about wanting to love someone forever. He talks about loving someone until they are food for the worms and are decomposed.
  8. Orange Juice – Deals with a loved one suffering from addiction and going through the emotions that come with it. The song focuses on the future of the relationship instead of dwelling on the past.
  9. Strawberry Wine – Talks about a love that changes him and replaying the memories of the relationship.
  10. Growing Sideways – This song deals with the feeling of seeing everyone around you moving and evolving but you are staying the same.
  11. Halloween – This song describes a message of self-growth and personal transformation despite remembering the haunting and painful memories of a past relationship.
  12. Homesick – Discusses having both love and resentment for your hometown. It talks about not physically leaving but still feeling homesick and staying in hopes it will somehow change.
  13. Still – Going through the emotions of wanting someone to still be close to you even if they have moved on from you.
  14. The View Between Villages – A reflection on his old life and how his life is going now. Seeing the view of his hometown and the mixed emotions that come with growing out of your hometown.
  15. Your Needs, My Needs – Having to breakup with someone because things in the relationship are not lining up. Leaving someone you love so much but knowing it is the best thing for both people.
  16. Dial Drunk – Has an interesting meaning, upon first listen it seems to be about getting drunk and reaching out to an ex for help. When the ex-doesn’t answer you feel sorry for him, however, when listening to the lyrics of this song and other songs you can note that it is actually him who is toxic.
  17. Paul Revere – Is about being tired of where you are but being too tired to leave it. Thinking about dreams we have but will never realize.
  18. No Complaints – About self-growth and personal awareness. Realizing that some of the things complained about are not important enough and there is real issues happening.
  19. Call Your Mom – Is about being there for someone you love when they can no longer be there for themselves. A desperate attempt to show someone the light inside them.
  20. You’re Gonna Go Far – Is about the gentle push of going somewhere different to follow your dreams but reminding you somethings stay the same. TikTok claims this as the “long distance daughters” song.
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