Ways to Avoid Stress During Finals Week

Finals week of the Spring Semester is always the most stressful week in my opinion. You not only have to start cramming for finals and final projects, but you also have to worry about packing up your entire room and coordinating a way to get everything back home. Not to mention you are burnt out from an entire year and the weather is starting to get nice. It's so hard to stay focused and keep on that grind when there is so much to look forward to in the summer. It is easy to get overhwlemed during this time, but I have a few tips to keep you relaxed during this stressful time. 

1. Study Outside

With the weather warming up, it helps to get some fresh air

2. Go for a Walk

Get some friends together and take a walk through Vander Veer to help clear your minds

3. Make a Great Playlist

Good music makes any study session better

4. Try a New Coffee or Food Place

Take your work to 392 Caffe or your favorite food place. Coffee and food can help you focus!

5. Lists, Lists, Lists!

Make lists for what you want to accomplish each day

6. Make Time to Workout or Play a Sport

Doing some physical activity is a good way to relieve stress

7. Take Breaks to do Something You Enjoy

Paint your nails, go see a movie, or do some shopping

8. Take Naps

Naps can be good to recharge, just be sure to set an alarm!

9. Call Your Parents

It may sound weird, but you'll be moving home in a few days and I'm sure your parents miss you! Catch up on the news at home and drop some hints about your favorite dinner

10. Take a Break to Pack

Move out day will come sooner than you think, use some study breaks to start packing up the stuff you don't need anymore to make getting home that much easier


Keep studying hard, Bees! Sunny days by the pool will be here before we know it!