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In the March 2020 lockdown, I began to do yoga to relieve my high anxiety levels. While watching yoga videos and following along, I picked up on a few tips on how to do yoga. I have created a list of tips that will help you become successful in the Yoga hobby.


When it comes to the materials (yoga mat, resistance band, yoga blocks) it is best to have a yoga mat. If you do not have the financials to buy one, a blanket or a soft body towel is just as good as a mat. I have all of these, but I only use my mat; maybe my yoga blocks if I am struggling with a certain flow. Tools like the resistance band and yoga blocks help with more advanced sessions and if you are struggling with a certain pose. 

Wear comfortable clothes: You will not be successful in this hobby if you wear jeans and a shirt. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also restricts your body from doing poses that include an immense amount of flexibility. It is best to wear loose and soft clothing when doing this. My go-to outfit is leggings and a tank top with a sports bra behind it. 

Start small

With yoga, there are three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. It is best to begin as a beginner and then work your way up. If you start at or higher, it is going to be increasingly difficult. Not only will you learn very difficult poses, but sometimes they will not explain how each pose looks. There will be minimal

Find what kind of yoga you like

There are multiple kinds of yoga. I enjoy Vinyasa (which is the “workout” Yoga). There are also kinds of yoga for healing (like Yin). There’s even one where it focuses more on meditation, but you still have the poses integrated (which is called Kundalini). There are many internet sources out there that will give you more information. 

Find YouTube walkthroughs

The internet is the best place to research the art of yoga and tutorials. Personally, my favorite Yoga instructor on YouTube is Yoga With Kassandra. She has so many kinds of Yoga videos, but she also blogs about her life. Yoga With Adrienne is another one as well. 

Yoga classes

If you Google something along the lines of Yoga classes, there are many offered in any state. Whether it’s an actual yoga studio or maybe a local club, these classes are open to anyone and everyone. If you feel discomfort in your Yoga abilities, you can rely on YouTube. 

I wish you the best of luck on your Yoga journey!

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