Trick-Or-Treat Yourself with the Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

Last week I took a risk by purchasing the Fall Fab Fit Fun box. I saw a Facebook ad for 50% off my first box and was lured in. I read about it and figured it was too good to be true because there were a lot of negative comments on Facebook. No way would I actually get $200+ worth of products for $25. Let alone, get any of the products I actually selected because I didn’t believe they would actually do that justice. Sure enough, I waited a week, got my box of fun in the mail and was super excited when I opened it!

Inside was everything they said I would get. I even looked up all of the products online and price matched to find out this box added up to $252 and I really only paid $25! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to start trying out the products to see if any of them were even worth it.

Aromatherapy Roller Ball - Retail $32

I started with the Aromatherapy Roller Ball because I saw the words “deep relax” and knew that was meant for me. I rolled it on my wrists right away and was pleasantly surprised with the smell and how relaxed I did feel. I think I am going to carry this around campus with me for whenever I need that moment of relaxation. I also used it before I went to sleep the other night and slept the best I have all week!


Kate Spade Lunch Box - Retail $30

This was one of the items I got to select. I had the option of this, a cheese cutter or a wallet. I debated between this and the wallet for a while and decided that this little lunch tote would actually make a cute make-up bag! 


Better Skin Lava Magik - Retail $32

This product smells absolutely amazing! It makes me want to put it on my face and leave it there. I used this the night I got it and my skin felt smoother already. It says to only use it a couple times a week, so I’m trying my best to wait even though I love it so much. I’m hoping this product can help with clearing up my skin a bit since that is something I struggle with regularly.


Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair - Retail $31

When I saw this product in the box, i knew they had really listened to me. I had put hair products as one of my top choices of what I wanted to receive in the box! I used this after my shower this morning and my hair felt silky smooth, light and full of color all day. I felt like a new person having my hair feel so fresh. I’m looking forward to using this product again and may even have to keep buying it if it becomes a part of my regular routine!


Harper+Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes 4 Oz - Retail $16

Originally when I saw these in the box, I viewed them as just a filler item. When I used them in the shower, however, I changed my mind completely. These are so useful! I have always just had body scrub exfoliators, never in cube form. I liked the cubes because I could directly apply them to rough skin areas and it didn't wash off immediately in the shower the way a scrub does. I was able to focus on my feet and elbows and only use half a cube. Definitely worth being in the box and might use these as a fun gift for my friends at Christmas! P.S: These little cubes ALSO smell super amazing - the whole box does honestly!


Human+Kind Body Souffle - Retail $18

I love using lotion after I shower, so today I decided to try this one out. I squeezed some into my hand and was immediately happy with the smell of it. Then the way it spread on my legs smoothly I was super excited. My skin felt rejuvenated and pampered. This lotion was a great way to start my day!


Plush Scarf - Retail $75

This scarf was more of a fun thing that was just In the box for me. They had a few other options I could have chosen from, but they were sold out of the hair straightener and I could have chosen a yoga mat, but decided, if anything, I could just re-gift the scarf to someone. Well, I pulled this scarf out of the packaging and I’m not so sure if I can get rid of it anymore. It is SO SOFT! I couldn’t believe it. It’s perfect timing for it, too, because it is prime scarf season. I guess we’ll just have to see if it lives in my closet, or one of my friends!


After Spa Hair Towel Wrap - $18

Lastly, is this after shower hair towel. My roommates the past two years have always had these, but I never thought to get one. When I saw it came in my box, I figured it was time I give it a try. After one shower, I am HOOKED! This makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. When I put a towel in my hair and then try to get dressed and put a shirt on and everything, it is such a hassle because the towel is bulky and keeps falling off. This little guy stays in place and doesn’t take up much space. I absolutely love it and am using it from here on out. My roommates were smart to have already had them!


If any of this has made you as hooked on this deal as me, then I’ll give you a little bit more info in case you want to pamper yourself, too. The Fall box deal is probably almost over, but is still is available at thier website. My best guess is that they are going to do a similar deal for their Winter Box around Christmas time!


Things to look for and keep in mind:

  • $25 deal on Facebook /Instagram

  • Every box after the 1st is $50 (still an amazing deal)

  • If you get an annual subscription instead of buying each box individually, it’s $180 which saves you $20 in total

  • Add it to your Christmas list and maybe someone else will give you the gift of pampering yourself!


Reminder: Each box comes with over $200 worth of products! It is so amazing and tempting. I am considering it in the future, but for now, I am just doing the one box in order to stick on my college budget ;)


Happy shopping and relaxing!



Pictures provided by: Alex Axup