Naturally, Mary Kay is the Way

I feel so extra this week with my face care and it’s all thanks to getting the Mary Kay Naturally facial care set in my Survival Kit this week - I got them out of the box and into my nightly routine right away!

The first thing I noticed about all of the products was that they all had a really nice aroma to them. It is kind of a mixture of lemons, honey and butter cream. These are also all natural based products such as beeswax, almond oil and other natural formulas. 


Purifying Cleanser - $26

For this product, get out a cotton round as the best way to apply to your skin and get the best results. After wiping this on my skin, I had so much dirt come off! I couldn’t believe it. I have used so many different makeup wipes and cleansers in the past, but I think this one is already my new favorite. My face felt super bright, fresh and hydrated after I used this product and then I moved onto the next ones!


Exfoliating Powder - $34

With this one, be careful to get the right consistency of powder to water ratio and then carefully add 2-3 drops of the nourishing oil to it. I loved the feel of this exfoliating powder as I rubbed it on my face. I could feel my skin being cleansed and my face was so soft even after the first application. This product is really good for pores so I was excited to see my pores less noticeable after multiple applications. I have been applying daily, but you can do 2-3 times a week as an alternative.


Nourishing Oil - $48

At first, I was really nervous to put this on my face because my skin is already naturally oily which causes me frequent breakouts. This makes me hesitant to ever intentionally apply oil since I already have plenty, but I figured I would give it a go since the directions said to. I’m glad I did because I was happily surprised with the hydrated feeling my skin felt and my face wasn’t even that shiny after. I have learned that sometimes breakouts occur because you aren’t moisturizing your face effectively which seems ironic, but true!


Moisturizing Stick - $28

This is super great for any dry areas on your skin. After I shower, my cheek areas can get a little dry, so I applied some to those places. In addition to my cheeks, and other touch up spots, I applied the product to my elbows and cuticles as those are other struggle areas for myself. I am so happy to have this product especially with winter coming so quick since this will soon be prime dry-skin time!

I am someone who has always struggled with having healthy skin, especially because of acne, and I’m really hoping these Mary Kay products will get my skin looking and feeling the way it should, naturally!



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