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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

I have gotten to take a lot of classes during my time here at SAU so I wanted to share my favorites. Some are specific to my major and minor but others are general education courses. I am also going to list the teachers I have because they definitely made an impact on the class. 


  • Science for Young Children (ECE 307) with Dr. Angela Rekers
  • Math for Young Children (ECE 350) with Dr. Angela Rekers


  • Intro Speech Pathology (EDCOMM 325) with Madeline Grothus


  • Physical Geography (EDGEOG 201) with Katie Selden


  • Educational Technology (EDUC 282) with Benjamin Reller
  • Pluralistic Classroom (EDUC 300) with Dr. Edwin Ubeda


  • Basic Musicianship (MUS 101) with Dr. Nicholas Enz
  • Music Orientation (MUS 110) with Dr. Marian Lee
  • History of Rock & Roll (MUS 130) with Dr. Eugene Bechen
  • Advanced Applied Music: Flute (MUS 203) with Robin Asay and Now Rose Bishop
  • Piano Techniques (MUS 221) with Dr. Marian Lee
  • Conducting 1 (MUS 319) with Dr. Ethan Windt & Dr. Nicholas Enz
  • Choral Techniques (MUS 322) with Dr. Chris Marple
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Original photo by Elena Vallejo


  • Inclusive Strategies: Special Needs (SPED 310) with Dr.Jane Schmidt


  • Just Theology (THEO 100) with Dr. Ella Johnson
  • Intro to Christian Faith (THEO 120) with Dr. Ella Johnson
  • Environmental Ethics (THEO 311) with Fr. Robert Grant “Fr. Bud”
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