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Molly Conrad, ’14

Molly Conrad is an up-and-coming musician who hails from Bettendorf, Iowa.  This sophomore is majoring in theatre and communications.  Her career goals are to pursue the entertainment business; more specifically, areas of directing, acting, performing and songwriting.  Here at Ambrose, she is involved with STAMVOJA, the theatre department and the music department.
If you have been to a theatre or music event in the past two years, or a Live at the Lounge, you’ve surely seen this mesmerizing girl.  She is such an inspiration and wanted to share a bit of her life story with you all.
“I started performing theatre when I was a youngen’–7 years old, I believe,” Conrad said.   “I also performed piano at a young age. But I just started guitar last year, so I have not been performing my own music for very long! I’m still getting used to it; I get pretty nervous.”
As a solo artist, she has 20 complete original songs so far.

“The majority of my songs are based on past relationships; some good, some bad. Often I take how I felt in a certain situation and raise the stakes slightly- it makes it more interesting. So the lyrics are formed from real experiences, but sometimes heightened to create a more powerful effect.”
Miss Stephanie Seward http://www.hercampus.com/school/sau/stephanie-seward-13 and Conrad are currently working on a cool cover of the song “Love the Way You Lie.”
Wondering what inspires her?

“I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, but ‘indie’ is the genre that most commonly pops up on my iTunes. Some of my favorite artists include Ray Charles, Ingrid Michaelson, and Radiohead.”

Conrad has recently recorded her first demo album.

“I’m hoping to have my first real album by the end of this coming summer. I’m just going to play around the Quad Cities, and see where that takes me! (Hopefully outside of the Quad Cities?)”

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!! Conrad is going to have a concert on September 14th at Ambrose- (time and exact place TBA) but everybody should come out and support her!
A final note she has is in regards to her future:
“I’m really dedicated to the theatre department, and the idea of a career with directing or acting, and thought I’d never have the same feeling for another career choice. However, over the past year I have grown a passion as strong for creating music, as performing theatre and now I’m lost. I’m sure I’ll figure out which path I’m meant to take, but as of now I am going to attempt to pursue both!”

Best of luck to you, Molly!  May your music take you to great places (beyond the Quad Cities) and remember you have a strong fan base at St. Ambrose!

A lover, dreamer and overachiver. 
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