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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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Keep Calm – It’s Almost Midterms

Next week is midterms, bees. We are already almost half way done with this semester (what?!). While the next week may be your busiest week yet, here are some tips to try and stay calm. Take care of your mental health so you don’t lose your sanity!


Manage Your Time Wisely

If your planner is already your best friend, that baby is about to be your soul sister. Go through your syllabus and write down when everything is due for the next few weeks. If you have things written down ahead of time, it won’t be a surprise when that big research paper is due. Also, the visual reminder of having your due dates down will help you be able to mentally figure out what needs to be done and how soon it is due.


Take Some Me Time

While making sure that you get your assignments done on time and pretending like you have your life together is important, so is mental health. Study breaks are extremely important, so don’t be afraid to treat yo’ self after finishing a big project. Besides, it’s October and that means Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween is starting up soon! (October 19-31 to be exact.) Celebrate by grabbing some apple cider, taking a break from your lab report for the night, and watching some classic Halloween movies. Here is the full schedule thanks to Pop Sugar.


Eat Some Greens

When you are all stressed out and trying to do three billion different things at once, the easiest option seems to go grab some greasy, fast food. When in fact, cooking and eating healthy are some the best natural relaxers people can do when stressed. Eating healthy can not only help improve your mood, but also make you feel more energized and focused on being able to knock out whatever life is throwing at you. So put down that carton of ice cream and save that for your Halloween movie marathon later.


Drink Water

Staying hydrated is probably the best thing you can do for yourself during this stressful time. Get into the habit of carrying a water bottle around with you so you can always be drinking water. Wine might seem appealing the night before your big midterm test, but don’t break down. Wine will make you tired and less likely to remember what you are trying to study. Plus, drinking water is fantastic for your complexion and more likely to keep those stress zits away.



Life can be really stressful and be overwhelming at times. Please don’t let it get so bad that it can affect you long term. Ambrose has therapists on campus who are completely confidential and are there to listen and show support for you, plus they’re completely free for SAU students. The counseling center is located on the second floor of the Rogalski Center near Nurse Nancy’s office. If you don’t want to be seen walking there, there is a private staircase that leads up to the offices.

For more information about the counseling center you can click here




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