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I’ve got some tips to deck out your dorm room without breaking the bank! If you’re a babe on a budget like me but love customizing your space, check out the dollar store. The dollar store is often overlooked when it comes to shopping sprees. With a little creativity and DIY magic, you can turn cheap treasures into high dollar decor. Here are 10 tricks to make your dorm the cutest on campus and still have money in your pocket!


1. A Simple Vase


There are a wide variety of options from short and wide to tall and skinny. Also, choose from clear, colored, or textured glass! Find a vase that fits your space. Some ideas to personalize it would be, to add fake flowers, rocks, or a battery operated candle, which can all be found at the dollar store as well!



2. Fake Flowers

Add some color and a little spring to your room no matter what the season is! Choose from a large selection of colors and types of flowers. A hint to make them more realistic; spray some perfume on them to give them the fresh, pretty smell.



3. Statement Decorations  

Make a statement with these glass pieces. They are the perfect accent piece that your friends will love! They have a few different pieces and color options.



4. DIY Garland

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One of the most popular dorm room decorations is the tassel garland which can be priced anywhere from $5 and up. You can make the same thing for about $2 from the dollar store! All you need is tissue paper and some type of string or twine. A simple tutorial can be found here!



5. Vinyl Stickers

Without being able to make holes in the walls or paint, these vinyl stickers make it easy to decorate your room without damage being done!



6. Storage Totes

Anyone who has lived in a dorm knows that space is limited. You will find many options for storage totes in different colors and sizes. Just because it is functional doesn’t mean it can’t look cute too!



7. Fake Plants

If flowers aren’t your cup of tea or you just don’t have space for them, you can also find smaller fake plants (as pictured above) or succulents! No green-thumb, no problem, you can still add a touch of home with some artificial greenery.



8. Mason Jars

Mason jars can be used for storage, decoration, or both! They have plain mason jars that you can get creative with, or they have decorative ones. A cute idea for either would be to put battery powered string lights on the inside.



9. Framed Art

You can find the same things would find at any home goods store at the dollar store! They have quite the selection of framed art including sayings, flowers, landscapes, and more.


10. Miscellaneous Room Decor

Be sure to look through every isle, there could be hidden treasures. Every dollar store tends to have slightly different stock as well, so you may need to try a few locations to find what you are looking for.



All photos provided by me.

All items are bought from a local dollar store! 

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