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Campus Celeb: Libbie Vos

Libbie Vos is in her second year here at Ambrose, but she’s technically considered a Junior with all the credits she brought in! She’s hard working, determined, and is always up for a sweet treat on a study break! Libbie’s hometown is Searsboro, a small town near Grinnell, Iowa. She lives on a farm with her two loving parents and animals. She has two brothers, Nate and Reid, and her boyfriend, Ross. She has cows, a dog, and cats–lots and lots of cats. Her family is pictured below (from left to right: Nate, Libbie, Verlan, Lori, and Reid).

On campus, Libbie is a psychology major with interest in adding a women and gender studies minor. She plans to continue her education in either occupational therapy or speech pathology. Libbie is also the public relations officer for psychology club. In the area, she works with young children as a registered behavior technician. When she isn’t on campus, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, doing all things crafts (including refinishing furniture) and photography. The picture below is a photograph Libbie submitted for a 4-H project that received an award at the state-level. You might also find her watching any of her favorite shows: This is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, or New Girl. 

All in all, Libbie is a great student, daughter, friend, roommate, and person in general. She always knows the best place to eat, and she’ll always go with to get a sweet treat whether its Whitey’s, scratch cupcakes, or caramel apples!

2021 Exercise Science Major
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