Campus Celeb: Jeongmin Kim

Name: Jeongmin Kim 

Hometown: Bucheon, South Korea 

Year: Senior 

Major: Business and Graphic Design 

Fun Fact: she is a twin 

Relationship Status: Single


From South Korea, Jeongmin Kim, boarded a plane and flew 16 hours to Davenport, Iowa. The transition the first couple weeks was difficult, but she soon fell in love with the people here at St. Ambrose. She really enjoys how friendly and open people have been to her here on campus. The kindness people have showed her helped her adjust quickly to the new area. At school she has been involved in many clubs and organizations, such as, dance marathon, marketing club and MACA. These have allowed her to meet people and take part in events both on and off campus. 

When she is not busy with school or clubs, she enjoys hanging out at her favorite place on campus, Schneider C! She also enjoys watching movies, taking pictures and eating sweets. She likes anything chocolate. When asked what her favorite ice cream is from Whiteys, she responded quickly with "chocolate". Her favorite movie to watch is Moulin Rouge and she also really enjoys Broadway. She recently spent a long weekend in New York and got to explore Central Park, see a Broadway Production and much more. She loves anything with to do with the fine arts. In Chicago her favorite place is the Art Institute. She shows this creative side of hers through photography. She loves taking pictures and sharing them with everyone. 

The thing she misses most from home is her family and the food. The 14-hour time difference makes it hard to communicate with friends and family from South Korea. Being a twin she expressed how difficult it is being away from her sister. However, her sister plans to come to the United States soon for an internship. Her sister is studying English Education. Jeongmin loves when she is able to facetime her parents and her sister, but usually has to do so early in the morning or late at night. 

In the future, Jeongmin hopes to return to the US to work. Her dream job is using her marketing degree to work in Broadway. She wants to live and work in a big city. Working in this area will allow for her creativity to shine through. Her knowledge and passion for the arts flourished during a 5 month internship she did in London working for a design company. 

Best of luck to this fun loving, giggly girl. If you ever get the chance to stop and talk to her, take advantage of it! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Everyone needs a bit of Jeongmin in their life.  XOXO