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Best Self Care Activities You Should Try This Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SAU chapter.

If you’re anything like me, it has become way too easy to spend your entire night doing homework or studying. While this can seem beneficial and nearly impressive from the outside looking in, this can be a really dangerous zone. The biggest thing I have had to teach myself this year more than ever is that college won’t come back. We will have our entire lives to worry and work, but college really is the last time in our lives that it is socially acceptable to sometimes ‘act like a kid’. Doing silly things and taking advantage of the things that make you laugh are so important. I have started to realize that I really don’t have hobbies anymore. I work, I go to school, I do homework, and I sleep. I constantly have to remind myself and my friends that it is not just important, but crucial, to take a break and have fun. Finding balance is the most difficult task I have come across in college thus far. A big part in finding this balance is realizing that even the littlest things are helpful to our mental health and our self care. Even if these things only occur once a week, it gives yourself something to look forward to and a break to reset!

  1. Have a concert in the shower 
  2. Set aside an hour a week to watch a new binge-worthy show
  3. Bake cookies 
  4. Read a few pages out of a new book every night 
  5. Declutter your study space
  6. Buy a color book 
  7. Spend a few minutes on the treadmill or bike in the gym 
  8. Create a morning routine 
  9. Listen to a new podcast while heading to class
  10. Write 10 things you’re thankful for 
  11. Detox your social media feeds
  12. Set a time that you are forced to stop doing homework and go to sleep
  13. Go for a walk 
  14. Make sure you are eating meals 
  15. Watch your favorite childhood movie 
  16. Take a bubble bath
  17. Order takeout with your best friend 
  18. Go window shopping 
  19. Tidy your space 
  20. Make your bed every morning 
Mckennah is the twitter manager and is a writer at HC @ SAU. Beyond HC, Mckennah is involved in Dance Marathon and Student Nurses Association! She also works in a hospital as a PCT. Mckennah is majoring in Nursing with a minor in Biology. In her free time, Mckennah likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with her dog and friends! A fun fact about Mckennah is that she has 3 younger brothers aged 3 - 19!