Annoying Things on College Campuses

People who walk slow

Okay. Sorry, but if you are going to walk negative twenty miles per hour why are you out of bed? It’s college and you can skip class, so don’t walk slow and make everyone else late. I understand you have short legs, or just don’t care about getting to where you are going, but some of us do so please just walk at a respectable pace or stay off the sidewalk. Thank you!


People who drag their feet

Excuse me, but please pick your feet up off the ground this is not an ice rink. Chances are if you are someone who drags your feet when you walk, about ten people who have snap chatted you to their friends complaining about how you’re walking. I apologize if your shoes are too big, but please just add a little more knee lift in your stride and BAM you will be good to go. So, just remember when you’re walking, running or moving at a respectable rate just pick your feet up and put them down, do not drag them. Thank you!


People who walk with their eyes shut

Good Morning. You’re out of bed, it’s time to open your eyes and function as a human. It’s a problem if I walk past you and can’t even tell if you are sleep walking or regular walking. If you are that tired go take a nap or go back to bed, but don’t walk around with your eyes shut. There is no need for that, and the chances of you being productive like that are slim to none. So, do us all a favor and just stay in bed the days you can’t open your eyes. Thank you!


People who come to class smelling like weed

I am super glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself, but I do not need to smell it. I understand our washing machines work super not good at all, but there is no reason you cannot give them a try. If I sit next to you and can get second hand high off your sweatshirt then that’s a bit ridiculous, wouldn’t you agree? Like I said before, go you for having fun, but also be considerate of other people. Thank you!