Alex's Get Psyched Mix

Everyone needs the perfect playlist for hanging out with friends, working out at the gym or driving around for the summer. It is crucial that your playlist appeals to everyone in some way, but also gets you hyped at the same time. So, in the wise words of Barney Stinson from the TV show How I Met Your Mother, “People think a good mix should rise and fall, but people are wrong. It should be all rise, baby! Now prepare yourselves for an audio journey to the white, hot center of adrenaline” - Cue the music!


  1. Barney and I are on the same page with this one, it's a necessity

  2. If you don’t have a choreographed routine to this one then you’re missing out

  3. You may know their song “More Than a Feeling,” but you haven’t lived until you’ve danced around to this one

  4. Words can't express how excited I get when I hear that horn line come on the radio

  5. Just one of those classic sing-along, crowd pleasers

  6. This song automatically gets those hands up, head noddin' and hips movin'


  7. You have to get the back to back version that way you don't kill your vibe with a break in between

  8. Anything off Appetiete for Destruction is a winner

  9. "Life is a Highway" is always a good one, but you can't go wrong with this one either

  10. The piano riff begins and everyone is ready to be a rockstar

  11. The first few seconds of this song are deceptive, you'll be head banging like Flea in no time

  12. Let's be honest, we've all had this song memorized since 6th grade

  13. Personal favorite thanks to my Augie gals

  14. Ladies and gents, this is the song you've been waiting for

  15. When you hear that guitar strum at the beginning, you know it's time to rock

  16. My high school friend and I always jammed to this at track meets to get ready to go

  17. Header banger for my friend and I when we were on our way to see them in concert last summer and stuck ever since

  18. The title says it all

  19. Inner fan girl always comes out

  20. I've loved this one from a young age thanks to jazz band

  21. Fall Out Boy has a lot of bangers, but the Save Rock & Roll album is where it's at

  22. Country fans can't get enough of Luke Bryan

  23. You always have to have at least one T-swift jam on your playlist

  24. The girls and I love jamming to this with the windows down in the summer

  25. I just never get tired of this song

  26. Time to flight suit up

  27. If you like Paramore, you would probably like this singer as well

  28. Isn't this song fun?

  29. OK, Go listen to this song (and watch the music video, too)

  30. Karaoke pleaser if you can get a fun partner to do it with you

  31. This song is pretty sweet, if you ask me

  32. This has to be one of the most hype songs I know

  33. This song will help you party it down

  34. Artist on the rise - you'll want to check out this one

  35. It may say it'll burn the house down, but it'll still raise the roof

  36. I really can't stop listening to this song - I just love it so much

  37. I'm hooked on this song

  38. Make these guys famous, I know their drummer and they rock

  39. This song brings the great weather and good times

  40. I've got a fever, and the only cure... Is listening to this playlist

  41. Get up and head bang to this one

  42. No lyrics necessary to get hyped

  43. Run and listen to this song as soon as you can

  44. I'm better off listening to this long on loop

  45. I think you’ll be preoccupied with this playlist

  46. Nickelback's songs may sound similar, but that doesn't mean they won't get you head banging and hyped up

  47. It is always time to Get the Led Out

  48. I'd walk 500 miles to hear this song

  49. All aboard the hype train

  50. Jump back, what's that sound? It's this awesome playlist

  51. I hear this song and it pulls me through

  52. You'll never shine if you don't listen to this song

  53. Everyone busts out their best impression of baby MJ

  54. Just think of how hype Jesse was in the back seat of the car in Pitch Perfect

  55. Let this song move you and have a good time

  56. Somebody told me this was a good song

  57. This playlist is the oppostie of a nightmare

  58. Have you counted how many songs are on this awesome playlist yet?

  59. You won't be sorry for listening

  60. Pants on fire? This song is fire!

  61. Thanks to White Chicks, we all know this song is a must

  62. This may not be my generation, but I still love it

  63. Come sit next to me and listen to this song

  64. Rock you like this song

  65. Well looky here, check out this song

  66. I feel, I feel this song

  67. Ain't no playlist good without this song

  68. Can you save this song on your playlist?

  69. and that's a wrap

I hope you all find a handful of songs you enjoy and add them to your summer playlists!

Happy listening and bee happy finals are over :)