7 Easy Ways To Relax At Home

Every once in a while you should just spend a day taking care of yourself. Have self care. There are 7 easy things to do to relax and spend a part of your day doing. You don’t need to spend all day doing this, you can just spend a few hours. Everyone deserves/needs a day to take care of themselves. 


Here are 7 easy steps that will make a difference in your day:

1. Start with a cup of herbal tea

I recommend either lavender, chamomile, peppermint or green tea. Herbal tea reacts with you. Each kind does something different. Lavender helps with sleep. Chamomile relieves stress. Peppermint is for emotional wellness. Green tea is if you're exhausted. 

silhouette of woman doing yoga pose Kike Vega

2. Do some yoga

Make sure to include the tree pose, cobra, downward dog, upward dog, cat pose, sow pose, chair pose, warrior and mountain. You want to stretch and extend your body to relax. 

3. Best bath ever

Some things to add for the best bath ever are bath bombs, bath salts and oatmeal. I have also heard baking soda and herbs are good to add as well. Just lay in the bath and relax with no care in the world. If you want to add flower petals, candles, listen to music or watch Netflix on your device (P.S. use a waterproof case). 

girl taking bubble bath while looking at landscape Roberto Nickson

4. Face mask

Lay down and relax, put a face mask on. Put on the face mask and if you want, add cucumber slices to your eyes. Put on some relaxing music and lay back. Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes then use warm water to take it off. 

5. Meditate and Moisturize 

Before you meditate put on some moisturizer and relax. Play a mediation on the internet. The one I like to use is called the secret universal mind meditation. I tend to use it when I am falling asleep but you do not have to. 

6. Drink infused water

My personal favorites are: strawberry, pineapple, basil (stress relief), lemon, raspberry, peach, watermelon (energize), orange, cucumber (glowing skin), blueberry or mint (muscle recovery). I tend to drink one cup a day on a normal day but on a spa day I drink it nonstop. 

valentine nails JillWellington

7. Manicure & Pedicure

The last step is to find your favorite color and paint your nails. 


Now that you have the seven steps go relax and have a self care day. Enjoy your at home spa.