5 Study Tips To Help Get You Through The Semester

1) Take good notes

Taking notes can help you comprehend the information that you are learning better. Taking notes on a computer can be distracting, as you may find yourself opening up unrelated tabs on your browser. So, it can be more helpful to use a pen and paper to take notes.


2) Use a planner/calendar

Using something to keep your organized is a MAJOR key to success. One of the worst feelings is getting to class and the teacher mentioning an assignment you completely forgot about! That’s why having a planner, notebook, or dedicated calendar can be so helpful.

3) Find where you study best

I know that if I sit in my bed, I will not get anything done and will end up on youtube or social media instead of doing my actual homework. I find it much easier to concentrate if I study on a couch, chair, or in a totally different location like the beehive or library.

4) Take a timed break

Having a plan of when you are going to take a break during studying can be very helpful. If you study for a hour and then give yourself a 20 minute break it can help with your productiveness.


5) Get sufficient sleep

Everyone has an amount of sleep that they can get by on, but the more sleep the better. The more rested you are the better your brain will be able to function.


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