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5 Perks of Writing for Her Campus

1. Survival Kits

Four times a year writers get survival kits. These kits contain several products to test out. This a cool perk that no other club at SAU gets!


2. Resume Builder

Many girls get interviews, internships, and jobs because of their participation in Her Campus.


3. Writing Experience

There is complete freedom when it comes to writing articles. No specific writing style is required either (say goodbye to AP writing)! You can also cover anything you want in your stories. Want to cover world politics or review your newest beauty product? All stories are encouraged!


4. Meet New People

Her Campus is a great group of women working together to write. Meet new people and build friendships.


5. Campus Involvement

Help host events on campus and even write about events going on.


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Majoring in strategic communication & multimedia journalism and minoring in graphic design & radio and television at St. Ambrose University.  
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