3 Healthy Ways to Cope with Social Distancing

Your life has stopped and completely changed within a week. Here are 3 ways to stay sane during this crisis.

1. Consider Deleting Some Social Media

Twitter, phone, app Sara Kurfeß / Unsplash After scrolling through Facebook and seeing dramatic videos and posts, and after scrolling through Twitter and seeing constant racism towards Asians, I decided to take a break. All it did was make me angrier at the world. You don't have to delete all of your apps, but consider limiting yourself to how much you consume in a day.


2. Abide by a schedule

apple watch Pexels There was a list going around for a children's quarantine schedule. Consider creating one for yourself! Since we have time, sit down with your thoughts, map out your coursework for the week and schedule activities that you may want to incorporate into it! Maybe you want to wake up by 9AM, make your bed, exercise at 9:15AM, and shower at 10:30AM! Create a schedule that you can follow, but be cautious of not overloading it!


3. Set up Times to Talk with Friends

Cardi B facetime Giphy Facetime is CRUCIAL during this time of quarantine. Try Netflix Party or Kast to watch Netflix, Disney +, or Hulu in real time with friends. You may even just want to chat with a friend in a class and study together. Make sure you stay in touch and don't completely isolate yourself from everyone. We will eventually get through this as time passes!