10 Reasons Why I Love St. Ambrose

1. The way the breeze feels when you walk in front of Ambrose Hall on a warm, sunny day.

2. The squirrels that give you more entertainment walking to class than any Kardashian episode ever could.

3. The excitement that takes over campus when it’s Wing Day.

4. The ease of contacting your professors, who go the extra mile to help you succeed in your classes.

5. Talking to Cliff while you eat in the caf.

6. Wednesday night Mass and More in the Grotto on a cool night followed by yummy snacks in the Gathering Space of the chapel.

7. Owen’s omelettes...the man knows his omelettes.

8. Double Punch Tuesday coming in clutch when you’re low on Buzz Bucks, but always in desperate need of energy.

9. The never ending Bee Puns (don’t lie...you know you love them!)

10. The way the campus and people have a way of making you feel right at home.