10 Appropriate Outfits for Internships/Field Experiences

You need some outfits to look nice for your internship, but you don't know where to start! No worries, start here!

1.) A Sweet, Chic Outfit


A white blouse on top of a loose pair of dress pants is adorable. However, the accessories make the outfit. Don't forget to accessorize!

2.) Go Simple! (and low budget)

A striped button-up with some black pants is iconic, and simple to do. Pair it with your favorite pumps and bag, and you'll look ready for anything.

3.) Layers!!!

Layers can do wonders. With the recent blizzard in Davenport, make sure to bundle up! Layer a blouse and sweater and you will be warm and professional!

4.) Blazers Aren't Boring

Blazers don't always have to be paired with slacks. Try some colored pants if you're afraid of looking too dressed up.

5.) Cardigans are Our Best Friends

Cardigans just make the world a better place. Show your love for them with a blouse that matches, as well as a killer color scheme.

6.) Jean Shirts!

Jean shirts have been the trend recently, and they're conservative. Try this outfit out with items already in your closet!

7.) A Sweet Dress

This is a simple dress outfit. A faded blue with a bold colored cardigan will make you feel confident all day.

8.) Oxford Shoes!

Oxford shoes are so comfortable and so cute. They must be incorporated into your professional outfits. Here is a great example of it!

9.) Statement Pieces

If you don't have much money, you may need to be looking at statement jewelry. Jewelry can be inexpensive compared to a new dress or shirt, and jewelry can be the best part of an outfit, too! Try pairing some simple articles of clothing with a statement necklace.

10.) Spring Needs to Come Soon

Pick a nice-lengthed floral skirt and pair it with a plain top. It's simple and inexpensive!

Whatever outfit you get inspiration from, just remember that confidence will allow you to make any of these outfits look amazing!



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