How To Shop Smart: Fashion Edition

Fashion, for me, is just like food. I crave something, say, a cookie, and when I finally indulge in that craving, I end up stuffing my face instead of getting that one cookie I wanted, and I start hating myself. How many times have I left the store with a hundred dollars worth of clothes? Many, many times. And when I get home and empty my shopping bag, I realize that I only have a pair of jeans (25 bucks), a white T-shirt (20 bucks), 2 bras (15 bucks each), a 20 dollar scarf that I'm probably never going to wear, and that I still need shoes. Know this feeling?

What I'm trying to say is that when we don't know how to manage our shopping habits, we end up spending insane amounts of money for 5 items, and we still need more. In my case, I kow that I love clothes and I always want something new. I like to look nice, I like OOTDS...But I'm also a student with a budget, and if I'm going to be a fashionista, I'd rather be a smart one. So I decided to find a way to "shop smarter". Here are a few steps to follow to be a fashionista and still pay the rent when it's due!

1- First things first: I try to plan my shopping spree. If you know what your priorities are, you'll be less likely to buy everything that you think is "cute", but that you don't really need. I make a list of the items I really need (basics, underwear), and then I add one or two items that I really want for the upcoming season (overalls, flatforms, strappy heels).

2- Find alternatives: You can save lots of money on underwear and basic items at stores like Ross or Payless. You don't need a logo on you're undies, do you? Ross has great deals, like 3 items for $5. Simple T-shirts or tank tops that you can wear under blazers cost no more than $4, as opposed to brands like H&M where they can cost you up to $10. It doesn't sound like much, but if you can get the same shirt for less, why not?

3- Quality over everything: This is the only instance where I will get the more expensive alternative. If you're shopping for jeans, for example, make sure you go to the right brand. If you know you can keep that $50 pair of jeans for 5 years as opposed to keeping the $20 pair for 5 months, get the $50 pair. In the long run, the cheaper jeans will cost you more than the expensive ones.

4- Swap your old things for new ones: Instead of keeping old stuff in your drawers, sell it back or exchange it. There are cool places like Buffalo Exchange where you can sell, exchange, or donate your old stuff. You'll make some cash and shop for new clothes withough feeling guilty.

5- Be creative: If you want to spruce up your wardrobe a bit and you're creative, that's a great way to save money. Old jeans can be painted for a faux leather effect, or turned into cute summer shorts, T-shirts can be customized, and Youtube is your best friend for that! Look up DIYs and start creating! Here's my DIY: I just added some faux leather effect of the knee area of my old skinnies with metallic paint from Amazon.