How To Get Out Of The Spring Semester Slump


Have you been feeling groggy/defeated since midterms ended? Are you having spring break or Coachella withdrawals? Have you been questioning why you are in college?  Well you my friend are going through the spring semester slump. You have zero fucks left and have taken many L’s this semester. I know I have. This article is going to help you take care of yourself and help you keep pulling through this semester or at least try to. (Sorry I’m not a professional.) Just remember in a few weeks it’ll all be over!


Sleep is NOT for the weak


You’re probably wondering what “sleep” is if you’re a busy bee. Apparently, your professors don’t value your sleep because of the amount of homework they give you. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep in order to have energy in the morning. So next time you have an assignment that’s due the next day, sleep early and get it done the next day. You’ll have more energy working on it and won’t have to pull an all-nighter. Also, a nap between a class never hurt anybody just as long as you remember to set your alarm clock, you bum.


Eat, like seriously.



We are all growing college students. You need food. Like seriously. If you’re falling asleep in class, eat. If you’re working on a homework assignment in the library, eat. Bring snacks with you to school. Granola bars, fruit snacks, or whatever you want to bring with you. Food gives you energy and motivation to excel in school work. If you don’t eat, you’re going to be cranky all day and not be motivated to do your work. And if you aren’t motivated to do your work, you’re not going to get good grades and are going to let the slump get to you. You obviously don’t want the slump to get to you right? That’s why you’re reading this article. So, eat.


Stay hydrated and awake



Caffeine plays an important part in a college student’s diet, especially if there are only four weeks left in the semester. However, too much caffeine can be bad for you. Try cutting down on energy drinks and coffees and stick to one a day. Drink a coffee in the morning to stay awake. Also, drink water. I cannot stress you enough to drink water to stay hydrated. Yes, it's bland and boring. But, it doesn’t have to be. Try adding lemon slices or other fruits to your water bottle to add flavor. Not only will your water taste good, it will give you antioxidants and vitamins.


Make time to organize yourself



Don’t be that kid from high school with the messy binder. See what papers you actually need in your folder and put away the papers you don’t need in another folder. Take time to update your planner or calendar on your computer. Make sure you have your books for your class ready for the next day. If you get your shit together, you will feel less stressed.


Go to office hours


Believe it or not some professors actually want you to do well in their class. That’s why they remind you when they are available for office hours. I know it’s a pain to go to them especially if a professor’s hours don’t work for your schedule. That’s what emails are for. Email your teacher for homework questions and availability. Also, don’t be that one student that goes to office hours unprepared and doesn’t have questions. Embarrassing.


Crunch time


So you decided to leave your essay to the last minute. Wow. So relatable. Whatever you do, do not type this essay in a distracting environment. Don’t type it in the student union, your apartment, outside, or anywhere you might run into a friend. It’s best to go to the quietest part of the library. Don’t even bother sitting near a window because you will start to be jealous of everyone who doesn’t have to type this essay before the deadline. Turn off your phone, it’s crunch time.


Go to the gym or do some type of working out



I decided to add this because I know there are some people out there who actually exercise. I don’t exercise but I do walk to the bus stop every day and climb up and down stairs. If you do that too, then good for you! Stay healthy. I give props to those who go to the gym every day. It’s a great way to destress from school.


Listen to music that makes you feel good



We all have that one song that we love to jam out to. Make a feel-good playlist that will help you get through this semester. Be sure to share it with your friends so that they can get through this semester too!


Take time for yourself



At the end of the day, it’s important to relax and take time for yourself. Watch Netflix, sleep, go out with your friends, drink (responsibly!), go on a hike, eat food, or do whatever make you happy.

You will get through this semester. I believe in you!