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5 Campus Resources to Help You Land an Internship


As the semester winds down and the weather heats up, don’t think of summer just yet! There are still assignments to finish and careers to plan. For most of us, summer is the perfect time to land an internship, since classes are no longer in session. That leaves us plenty of time to further our career goals, and one of the best ways to do so is to have an internship. As stated in our other article this week, experience is crucial, especially in this lagging job market. Employers want to see that you have gone out of your way to pursue your interests beyond the minimum academic work.

Beginning the process of finding an internship might seem daunting, but worry not! San Francisco State has many resources for you to tap into. Here are five useful campus resources to help you land your desired internship this summer:

#1: Gatorjobs: If you go to the career center at SF State, this will probably be the first place you will be referred to. Not only does Gatorjobs have a listing of internships and jobs (on- and off-campus), but the site includes events such as career fairs and campus interviews.

#2: Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE) and Community Service Learning (CSL): Next time you pick classes for the following semester, make sure you check in with the ICCE to see whether a class will offer credit if you devote a certain amount of hours volunteering or working at an agency. This is one of the best ways to gain experience in your field, and students in the past have been offered employment after volunteering with an organization!

#3: Job Fairs, Non-Profit Fairs, and Other Networking Opportunities: The university offers one-day events throughout the year where students have the chance to network with potential employers and fellow students. Networking is the way to success, and therefore you must start early and take full advantage of every event that comes your way.

#4: Departments and Professors: Your major department should have a listing of career opportunities. If not, professors are one of the best resources available. They have extensive experience in their respective field, and more importantly, they have the crucial connections that can help you get a job. Here is a great article that summarizes how important it is to seek out your professors for help.

#5: Alumni Network and Other Student Groups and Organizations: Your peers are wonderful resources. Everyone has their fair share of experiences, and those relationships you build with your fellow students at campus organizations can come in handy when looking for internships. The alumni network is also crucial since these former students are already out in the field and making vital connections.

Finding a job is hard, even with all these resources. But with perseverance, you might just find yourself the perfect internship by the time summer arrives. Good luck on your search!





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