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3 Ways You Know It’s Midterm Season

It seems like the only thing that everyone is worried about right now is midterms and calculating how badly they can do to still manage to pass their classes, but how do you really know when it’s midterm season? Here are three ways to tell!

1. You begin to live at the library.



You find yourself constantly trekking to the J. Paul Leonard Library in between and after classes and feel slightly less productive if you study anywhere else, and why would you? With the doors being open 24 hours a day and a conveniently placed Peet’s Coffee, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be!

2. Your caffeine intake goes up.


Coffee is a staple in any college kid’s diet, but as midterms roll around you find yourself cherishing those three cups of coffee to get you through the day and keep you focused while you’re studying for hours on end.

3. You start caring less about what you’re wearing.


We’re in college! Who cares if you wear sweatpants to class or no make-up? No one, and you begin to believe that even more when midterms roll around because catching up on the sleep that you missed because you were studying is much more important than making a fashion statement.

Study on, collegiates!

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