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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at San Francisco chapter.

College can be a very stressful time for most people, and while we all cope with stress in different ways, there are many things that help people de-stress that can also help you. So, if you have been feeling stressed lately, I welcome you to try out at least one of these methods and see if it helps take away some of your stress. 


I know that a lot of people think about working out, they feel more stressed. you might be too busy and not have enough time, or maybe you just don’t have the motivation to go out and exercise. 

All your reasons for not wanting to work out are completely valid, I know some days I just can’t find it in me to work out even if it’s for 20 minutes, it can be difficult. Trust me when I say that working out really helps you blow off steam and you will feel so much better and productive. 

When I say workout, I don’t mean a full hour of vigorous lifting and cardio, I mean anything from going for a walk, run, yoga, going out to play an old sport that you used to play, and if you really do want to hit the gym and get a full body workout, do it. 

Then once you’ve finished your exercise and allowed your brain to process all the reasons you’re stressed, you can allow yourself to return to your situation with a fresh mind to re-evaluate all of it. Exercising helps release endorphins in the brain to help you feel better.

2.Doing Something You Enjoy 

When you have a stressful situation on your hands and don’t know how to deal with it at that moment, you could try stopping for a second, taking a breath, and look to do something that you really enjoy.

 It could be literally anything you want it to be, all you really need to look for is something that is a creative outlet. You could try cooking, baking, drawing, coloring, reading, or even crafts. All these things require concentration and focus which will hopefully help distract your mind for a while and give your mind the break it deserves. 

3. Self-care 

I know that everyone loves a good and relaxing self-care day or even a self-care moment. Try to practice more self-care on yourself. It may help reduce your stress levels. 

Whether you take a bath to relax and read a good book or get a massage, anything that can help you feel calm and relaxed is what you’re looking for, it could even be something as little as your skin-care routine.

 Try creating a self-care routine for yourself that you do daily, like coming home showering, skincare, stretching/meditating before bed, and then reading or watching a movie before going to sleep. If you take your time and really let yourself relax, it could help you de-stress immensely. 

There are plenty other ways to help yourself de-stress after a very stressful and anxiety filled day, but these are some of the ones that I have personally used as a coping mechanism. 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed with a sense of dread from being too stressed, it simply means your mind just needs a break. remember to stop, take a breath, and try out one of these methods that could potentially help you feel so much better and relaxed. 

Remember creating a good daily routine for yourself could also help you lower stress levels and improve your way of life, with less risk of burning out. 

Samantha Ortiz

San Francisco '26

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha. I am so excited to be part of Her Campus San Francisco as a writer!