This Week's Campus Cutie: Amanda Evertz!

This week's campus cutie is outdoor adventurer and cooking fanatic, Amanda Evertz!

Name: Amanda Lynne Evertz

Hometown: Irvine, Orange County CA

Why did you choose USD?

I firstly chose USD for its soccer program and the team. But I also loved the beautiful campus and its location!

What is your major?

Communication Studies

What do you hope to do in this field/what are your future career goals?

I'm not sure where I see myself living, but I'm hoping I end up in Colorado at one point in my life because I love it there. Or I might follow my sister to Texas, who knows! My career goals are a little sporadic actually. After graduating, I would love to take a gap year to travel and go to culinary school before attending grad school. With my communications major I plan on focusing more on the public relations and media side of things. Doing PR for an outdoor company like Patagonia or North Face would be my dream! In another world I think it would be awesome to combine my passion for cooking and the outdoors to produce a line of healthy food products: bars, meals, energy snacks, that hikers and mountaineers can throw in their packs that will last them throughout their expeditions! None of that freeze-dried/just add water stuff.

What are you involved with on campus?

I’m involved in Greek life on campus and I am a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma! I'm on the leadership team for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, which is a nationwide club we have on campus. We minister to students through large gatherings, conferences, and leadership trainings. We also host Bible studies for various student groups including lower and upperclassmen and members of Greek life and BCM. I’m also involved in starting a new club on campus called Spoon University. It is also a nationwide club that we are bringing to USD this semester. It's an everyday food resource for our generation and on our website, you can find simple recipes, cool kitchen hacks, and the best restaurants around campus that you haven’t found yet. For many of us, this is the first time we’re navigating our campuses or our kitchens on our own, and Spoon University is here to simplify and celebrate that. Applications are available now. I also try to stay as involved in Outdoor Adventures as much as possible, and I love going on their trips!

What is your favorite place you have been on outdoor adventure or travelled to?

With OA my favorite trip was Yosemite because we were with a fun group of people and Yosemite is breathtaking. But, my favorite place is Joshua Tree…it’s just so funky and you meet the coolest people climbing there.

What are you passionate about/what are your interests?

I would say my two passions are cooking and the outdoors. I've been watching the Food Network since I was 5 and actually interned for a chef this past summer. The chef I interned for is a professionally trained chef and food stylist that works for Sur La Table on the side. I did personal work for her and assisted in planning, writing, researching, and posting on her social media platforms. I also worked on some of the logistical aspects of her business and assisted her during the Newport Beach Food and Wine Festival. I love everything and anything outdoors, but my true interests are hiking and backpacking. My dad and I have the goal of tackling the tallest summits in every continent known as the “Seven Summits” and this summer we plan to check off North America. In San Diego specifically again I love to just be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have.

Single? Taken?

Definitely single!

What is your philosophy on dating?

Well I wouldn't say I have a philosophy! I love meeting new people and being social. I think it's important to be friends with someone for a long time and get to know them past those surface levels friendships before dating. College is such a busy time, and to be dating someone requires a lot of time and commitment. I only want to invest myself into a relationship where I've already built a friendship with the guy, and we are both interested in pursuing something more.

What is one life motto you try and live by?

My dad is my role model and has always lived by the word “onward.” His father said it to him and now my dad says it to me. When we climb together or push ourselves during training he'll say “onward” to me. When I'm feeling stressed about school or anything really he will give me his normal dad advice and finish by telling me onward. I try to live by that word, always pushing through and preserving.

Thanks for sitting down with us, Amanda!