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True Life: I Worked Out Everyday for a Week

One of the last things I feel like doing (as if I have adequate time to do during the regular school week) is going to the gym. With plenty of JV’s food and homework, that “slim down” quickly turns into a “stalk up”. This past week, I challenged myself to go to the gym every single day. Although it was quite difficult to allot enough time for such a tiring activity, I quickly realized it works wonders for not only the body, but also the mind and spirit.

Monday 7:00 pm: Wait, am I actually doing this? Where even is the gym….

Tuesday 6:00 pm: I’ve never been so sore in my life…. I really have to do this again?! Maybe it isn’t so bad after all, I mean at least it’s not homework right? Right…. Plus, there’s always attractive guys at the gym so I guess that’s also a plus.

Getting through Monday and Tuesday was the most difficult by far. Once I broke through the initial resistance it became an amazing way to relieve stress. Taking an extra hour to an hour and a half of the day to focus on bettering my mental and physical state worked wonders for my mood and productivity.

Thursday 7:30 pm: Okay, I can do this. At least I can now feel my legs when I walk.

Friday: Scratch the gym today…. I think I might go get myself a burrito for all my hard work. Yay me! JV’s I’ve been longing the day until we meet again.

Sunday 6:00 pm: I am actually not loathing returning to the gym….what is wrong with me?

Time management throughout the week was without a doubt the most difficult aspect of this experience. It did force me to be more realistic about how much time certain activities take. When I allotted time increments, I could not procrastinate at all, which allowed me to maximize my productivity.


Although I ended the week with a burrito and not an ab workout, the past week has shown me that in the midst of college life, it is absolutely essential to make time for yourself in order to stay active and sane dealing with the stress and pressure that comes along with being a college student.

Born in the Bay but raised in the A. Give me absurd amounts of pasta and the beach and I will forever be a in a state of bliss. 
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