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Destress During Finals Week

Finals week is among us and it is time to see if all the time we have spent studying…or sleeping in class, has paid off. Finals are known as the most stressful time during the semester, so Her Campus has put together a list of some of the ways USD students can destress during “Hell Week.” 

1. Yoga or Medidate

Yoga and meditation are proven to help relax you, so what better way to destress than to zen for an hour or so? The Campus Rec Center is offering free yoga and fitness classes during finals week so try and take advantage of that! If you want to be by yourself, YouTube has some great options for yoga instuction.

2. Go to the Beach

San Diego is one of the few places where you can spend time at the beach in December. Take advantage of the weather and hit the sand! Whether you take your notecards there or head to the beach to free your mind of exams, the beach is the perfect place to relax. 

3. Make a Schedule, and Schedule Time to Take a Nap

Making a schedule for some people help them stay on task and keep them sane. Using a schedule is a great way to prioritize your studies and personal needs. A good way to destress is to pencil in a nap or two to make sure you keep up on your sleep. Sleep is super important, especially during the stressful times finals bring!!

4. Get a Massage

Finals week is a perfect time to treat yo’self to some much needed spa time. Schedule a massage around your studies and you will be more calm and collected when you return. If you are worried about going over budget, get your friends to have a massage train and enjoy eachothers’ company.

Now, Her Campus fam, what do you do to destress?? Tweet us or Facebook Post your answers!!

Ashlyn is a writer for the Her Campus San Diego Chapter. She is an incoming Freshman at the USD and is originally from Southern Idaho. Some of her hobbies include shopping, hanging with friends, pilates, and traveling.
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