College Students Are Basically Giant Six Year Olds

 Nap Time is Prime

I can’t even remember the last time I didn't feel tired during the week. My roommates will be the first to tell you that if I don’t have time for my daily nap, I basically turn into a tired, sassy toddler.



We Can’t Really Do Laundry


Laundry is probably my least favorite chore. Whether it’s lugging my hamper to the closest washing machine or having to overcome procrastination and fold my clothes, I dread laundry day. Also, last semester I learned that if you mix your whites and your reds, it will in fact turn your whites pink. Major key: sort your laundry.



Lots and Lots of Play(Study)dates 


For some reason going over to my friends’ dorms makes me so much more productive. However once all the homework is done, there is always time for fun. Whether it’s random dance parties, all watching a movie on Netflix, or laughing at cat videos on YouTube, hanging out with my friends is always the highlight of my day.



We Don’t Have Any Money


Turns out that all the money in your piggy bank isn't enough to function in the real world so, when we need a boost in our allowance, we are eager to do whatever it takes to impress our parents. “If I pass my Calc test can you please give me some money so I don’t have to eat dining hall food? Pretty please?”



Snacks Make the World Go Round


How else are we supposed to make it through the day? 



Crying Definitely Happens


Whether it’s you or your friend crying about a boy or a class, we’ve all been through it and soon enough everything will be okay again. PS: Some boys are still stupid, even after they’ve grown up.



We Rely on Others to Drive Us Around


If you don’t have a car with you (or a license), it can be difficult to leave campus. Unfortunately, asking your mom to drive you to the closest McDonald’s doesn’t work in college so, whether it’s your senior friend’s car or your Uber driver, you have to pay up. If only Barbie Jeeps and Razor Scooters were a reasonable way to travel around off campus.



Sometimes We Need a Grown Up (Even Though We Are One)


You would not be thriving in college if it wasn’t for those countless calls to Mom and Dad. Whether it’s how to cook something and not set your microwave on fire or you’ve had a bad day, they keep you grounded. Even when we miss them and wish they were closer, they always remind us that it won’t be long until we’ll be together again. After all, a hug from your parents can make any situation better.