Why Aloe Vera is a Holy Grail Plant

If someone asked me to pick a favorite plant, it would 100 percent without a doubt be the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera has been around for centuries, its many beneficial properties are the reason it has remained so popular and widely used until this day. 

I was first introduced to Aloe Vera by my mother—who would give me a spoonful of the blended plant, skin and all— as a means to help with my digestion. Let me just say ingesting Aloe is something I will never…ever do again due to its horribly bitter taste, a flavor that closely resembles that of a fresh acid reflux. 

Despite my hatred for the taste, the benefits it has given me on my outer body is what makes this plant so worthwhile to me. Amongst all the many benefits that Aloe has for inner and outer body, my top three uses for this plant are strengthening my hair, cleaning my skin and soothing skin irritations. 

In my opinion, Aloe Vera is the Holy Grail for all things hair. If your suffering from dry scalp then Aloe is the best kind of moisturizer you can use. The enzymes found in the Aloe plant serve as an anti bacterial and also aids in removing the dead cells from the scalp, thus moisturizing, healing and strengthening the scalp all at the same time. 

There are so many chemicals found in conditioner and hair moisturizers that aren't always the best for your scalp health in the long run. For just a little less than $2 at your local grocery store, you can have healthier hair that looks and feels amazing. 

Aloe for the skin works essentially the same way it does for the hair. Aloe is also anti-inflammatory, which will help get rid of morning face puffiness, it also nourishes the skin and helps fade skin blemishes.  

These are just a few reasons I will live by the Aloe Vera plant. If you have never tried it before please do, I am sure, in due time, it will become a staple product in your daily hair and skin routines!


Quick Tip #1: After a nice shower rubbing aloe on your body moisturizes the skin preventing razor bumps and irritation.  Quick Tip #2: After a refreshing bentonite clay mask for your face and hair, rub a generous amount of Aloe onto your skin and into your hair and wake up looking even more fresh and renewed than ever before.