Scared but Ready to Graduate

It has been four years since I first started college. I was terrified, just like all the other freshman, and had no idea who I was going to become. I learned a lot, grew a lot, I am finding who I am every day, and I am living in my truth.

As the clock is winding down, graduation is right around the corner, honestly after February there is only two full months left. With the two full months left, there is so much to plan: graduation pictures, graduation party, deciding on where to go to for my masters degree, planning my future and how I want my life to go. I am scared because who knows what could happen in the little time that I have left here.

What do I worry about?

How will my life turn out, will I get the amazing job I am hoping for, will I find love, will I travel to all the places on my list, and so on and on.

The scariest thing to me, is if I get lost along the way, even though I have parents guiding me and friends that are supportive and helping, it is a very concerning idea that I will be a full adult. What if I do not make my parents proud of me, I cannot take care of them and myself, afford all my wants and needs?

How to overcome this?

Lately, I have decided to focus on breathing and relaxing more. Write down all my fears, cry out my frustration (but only in the shower), scream, throw things (safely), and slowly let the world unravel itself to me and what it has in store. The concern is real but as long as my family, friends, and I can stay positive, I know I will be just fine. I also know that I am ready to get out of here and live my best life. And I'm sure others who are in my shoes will too.

Y’all just do not know, I am about to act a fool, and no one will stop me. ☺