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Say goodbye to your ‘Freshman Fifteen’

So I’m sure we have all heard of the “freshman fifteen”, the weight you might gain when you first start college.If you’ve gained the freshman fifteen or the freshman fifty and want to lose it, don’t worry! Today I’m going to give a few helpful tips that could help you shed off those extra pounds.


  • Get motivated/Get mentally prepared: It’s important to make sure you’re fully motivated to get started on your weight loss journey. If you aren’t fully motivated, you won’t give 100% effort. You will need all your motivation and effort put into this journey because it can be challenging.
  • Get Prepared: Make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment you will need. Being unprepared can cause you to make bad choices when it comes to eating and working out. Make sure you purchase all your ingredients for the week and make sure you create a consistent schedule to work out that works around your job, classes, etc.
  • Focus on your goal: Like I mentioned before, your journey may become very challenging. When it does, remember your reasons for starting this journey. Do not let temptation and doubt hinder your journey. Weight loss will require you to learn discipline. 
  • Do your research: Whether you’re trying a new smoothie cleanse, keto diet, or any other major lifestyle change, make sure you do your research and consult your doctor. If you start a diet, cleanse, or lifestyle change that isn’t compatible to you, you could not only waste your time but could do more harm than good to your body. There are endless videos on YouTube on for weight loss on all body types, you’ll be able to find more than enough information that will cater to your body’s needs and your body goals!


Remember no journey is perfect. Even if you have a couple of bumps in the road, keep going!




Nabria Milbourne

Salisbury '20

Nabria is a transfer student from Wor-Wic Community College. She is currently a junior at Salisbury University majoring in Communication Arts in the Public Relations and Strategic Communications track, while also minoring in Marketing Management!
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