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Salisbury’s March Pick for Women’s History Month: Linda Martin

Name: Linda Martin

Occupation: Salisbury University Professor 


HC: What made you choose the career that you are doing today?

LM: I was a software engineer for 5 years, then a stayed-at-home mom for 23 years. When I went back into the workforce, I was no longer interested in software engineering. I wanted to try something different, and an opportunity to teach at SU came along.

HC:  What subject do you teach?

LM:  I teach upper-level Management courses.

HC:  What woman inspires you? Why?

LM: As a Christian, I love surrounding myself with great women of faith. Reading about Elizabeth Elliott or Corrie ten Boom inspires me. Their unwavering faith helps me to deal with my daily walk as a Christian.

HC: Why did you choose Salisbury university?

LM: I chose Salisbury University because SU is known for their academic excellence and they asked me (lol).

HC: Which achievement(s) made by feminists you most thankful for?  Why

LM: I have to say, Susan B. Anthony. She paved the way for many fundamental women’s rights including the anti-slavery movement.

HC: How can women’s equality help all people?

LM: Equality is inherently not about being better than the opposite sex, but being treated equally. Treating everyone equally, and giving men and women the same opportunities not based on sex, but based on ability, makes the world a more even playing field for those who deserve to shine.

HC:  Any words of advice for younger women?

LM: Always, seek the truth and be happy.​


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