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Reactions to the Fifth Season of Black Mirror

On June 5, 2019, Netflix released the fifth season of the popular British tv-show Black Mirror. Although there was a lot of anticipation for this season (considering the show’s popularity and an episode featuring Miley Cyrus), reception from fans of the show has been met with mixed to negative reviews with several memes being made on Twitter and critics from Rotten Tomatoes giving it an overall rating of 68% on the tomato meter. So, what is it about this season that has people feeling indifferent from the previous seasons of the show?  Here’s what everyone has been saying below.


1. “It’s bad”

As mentioned before, the fifth season of Black Mirror was not well received by fans. Not only were fans disappointed that there were only three episodes in the new season, but, many fans were not impressed with the storylines or “thrilling” plot twists. 

Even going as far as to say that the show is going downhill, recycling material from earlier episodes, and the worst season of the show. 

Kathryn VanArendonk from the New York Magazine/Vulture wrote, “Season five is a mess, and nothing about it suggests that Black Mirror retains its original unnerving insight into the ever-blurring borders between the digital and the human.”


2. “It doesn’t feel like Black Mirror.”

One of the things people love about this show is that it leaves you with an eerie feeling towards the technology we use daily. It gives us endless possibilities of what can happen if we use technology the wrong way, which scares a lot of viewers of this show. 

However, many fans complained that this season lacked this energy and took a softer approach than they’re accustomed to seeing. With some even stating on Twitter, “This season didn’t feel like Black Mirror.”


3. “It’s still worth the watch.”

Despite, the backlash this season has received from fans and a few critics, some people insist that the season is still worth a watch.

Haleigh Foutch from Collider wrote, “It may not be on the level of classic Black Mirror...but it’s still a fine place to look for digital-era self reflection.”

While, Bree Duwyn from Film Inquiry wrote, “Black Mirror’s fifth season rang in a new era of confidence and dedication to exploring the world of genre when it comes to creating impactful pieces.”


All in all, this season has disappointed many fans of the show and is the lowest scoring season on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s no telling if the show will return for a sixth season since Netflix Originals don’t last very long. However, some fans are worried that the show is losing its edge, while others are still hopeful the show can offer up the same thrilling plot twists and storylines as the previous seasons.

Micaela Shirley is a junior at Salisbury University who is majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in English and Film. Her goal in life is to inspire and uplift readers and moviegoers with her stories.
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