Presenting, The Best Person You’ll Ever Meet: Jake Thereault

So, what makes Jake Thereault so incredibly special? Well, besides possessing an in-your-face sense of humor, a New York Fashion Week fashion sense, and being an impeccable friend, he’s also a multi-talented future superstar who is nothing short of passionate about his craft. He currently attends Salisbury University, a campus which seems to be tucked away from the rest of civilization. I sat down with him one evening over dinner to find out what he’s up to this semester.    

HC SU: So, how’s it going?

JT: Alright. How are you?


HC SU: Pretty good. So, you attend Salisbury University…

JT: Yes, I do.


HC SU: What year are you?

JT: Second semester Sophomore.


HC SU: So, how’s your time here been so far?

JT: Pretty good. Overall positive experience.


HC SU: Which do you prefer? Your Freshman year or your Sophomore year?

JT: Um…I like the academics better this year, but I liked my living situation better last year.


HC SU: What’s your major?

JT: I’m a Theatre Performance major.


HC SU: Are you the type of person who always knew what they wanted to do in college?

JT: Um…no.


HC SU: So, when did you figure out you wanted to do theatre?

JT: I’ve been doing theatre since fifth grade, but I was always extroverted before that. I don’t know. I guess maybe I thought that this is what I’ve been doing my whole life, this is what I love doing, I’m good at it, I should pursue that!


HC SU: Okay! Since you’ve been at the university, how many shows have you been in? And can you list them.

JT: I’ve been in Country Wife, Cabaret, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hairspray.


HC SU: Great! Well, you said you’re in Hairspray…you’re currently working on that. Tell me about your role and how are rehearsals going so far.

JT: Rehearsals are going well, making progress, doing things. We’re very busy but that’s good, it’s the nature of the beast. Role wise, I play IQ. I’m in the ‘white’ ensemble. I’m also the Dance Captain for the show, which means I’m basically the assistant to the choreographer. So, whenever she’s not there, I answer questions and solve spacing issues, and stuff like that. AND I’m wig designing the entire show…so that’s stressful!


HC SU: Wow. Basically, you have all that going on, and Hairspray is obviously no walk in the park, so how’s that working out with your academics?

JT: You know, I’m busy. Every minute of my day is planned for and scheduled. But, I love what I’m doing. It’s a lot to be in a show, designing a show, and have a full class load. But you do what you got to do. There’s a lot of late nights but you get through it.


HC SU: Okay, lastly, let’s go through some rapid-fire questions.

JT: Uh oh!


HC SU: Ready?

JT: Hold on! Answering a text from my mother!


*Five minutes later*


HC SU: Favorite food?

JT: Cake.


HC SU: Flavor?

JT: Chocolate with vanilla icing!


HC SU: Favorite movie?

JT: Contact featuring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey.

HC SU: Favorite song currently?

JT: Born Naked by RuPaul, SPECIFICALLY the stadium remix.


HC SU: Favorite TV show?

JT: House of Cards OR Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


HC SU: Go to outfit in the Winter?

JT: All black!


HC SU: Desert Island! Which three celebrities would you want to be stuck with?

JT: Forget three people. I just want to be stuck with Zac Efron.


HC SU: Okay, Jake. Thanks for meeting with me!

JT: Thanks for having me! Everyone come see Hairspray on April 6th!