A Poem to the Guys of Apartment 11

Check out this hilarious poem about the annoyance of having people living above you in an apartment: 


Thanks for the concert for me and my roommates

But at 2 a.m. it’s a little obsessive

You have a beautiful voice and can play guitar well

So, I hope I’m not being aggressive


But we’re lacking some sleep, and when we all eat

all we hear is you running around

Every once in a while, you can be quiet

But then it follows with a LOUD sound


See, we in apartment seven appreciate you

Coming down to see us and explain

That there might be water dripping down from our ceiling

But overall you’ve been causing us pain


Mentally, Financially, and physically too

You three are a troublesome bunch

To where even the office to whom we pay bills

Are gossiping about you over lunch


We just want to say we don’t hate you

That word is way too strong

We just wanted to say the reasons why

We will probably never get along


Water dripping from our ceiling happened twice my friends

not just that one time that I revealed

We complained about the noise in a nicely written letter

Since then we assumed your lips would stay sealed


Obviously Not


From the bottom of our beings we’d appreciate it

If you’d remember you’re on the third floor

So, stop dropping things constantly,

Screaming at your game, and slamming all eight of your doors


We are hoping you finally understand us

Boys of Apartment 11,

And so, we sign with sincerity, and hope for the best,

The Girls of Apartment Seven