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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Salisbury chapter.

Meditation is the intentional training and quieting of the mind in the interest of reaching a heightened spiritual awareness. Meditation can take many forms and be performed to relieve stress, promote positivity, manifest a desire, or as prayer. Regardless of your religion, age, sex, or occupation meditation is for you.


In his book, 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works—A True Story, Dan Harris debunks several stereotypes surrounding meditation and explains the way it changed his life. As a “Wall Street type” Dan Harris is an excellent and credible source to show meditation’s ability to reach and impact a diverse range of people.

            The Dali Lama himself is well-respected for his open acceptance of science. As more and more neurological scientists have begun studying the effects of meditation on the brain, the Dali Lama has expressed full support in the scientific research. When faced with the question of what he would do if the science showed his Buddhist beliefs did not align with the science, the Dali Lama said he would adjust his beliefs accordingly because it is unreasonable to deny science.

            As it turns out, the benefits of meditation are becoming more and more clear as scientists research the ancient practice. The science shows mediation actually has the ability to rewire your brain over time to promote peace, happiness, and success. Further, studies have shown mediation helps improve focus, increase creativity, heighten mental clarity, aid in decision making, boost your immune system, overcome addiction, and ease emotional/ physical pain.




So now you get it, every has the ability to meditate and it is actually beneficial to do so. So, where do you start?

 The best way to begin meditating is simply to jump right in.

Here’s How…


1.     Take the time to quiet your mind and focus on your breath for just 5-10 minutes a day at first.

2.     Make meditation a part of your morning or evening routine so you will be sure to do it every day. Repetition and progression is key in reaping the benefits meditation has to offer.

3.     Play calm, soothing, instrumental music while you meditate. A simple YouTube search can provide you with a bunch of options (my personal favorite is Indian flute music). By playing this music every time you meditate, your brain will begin associating that music with the act of meditation and you will find yourself being able to quiet your mind with more ease as time goes on.

4.     Pick your meditation space and stick to it. Find a position where you are comfortable whether you are laying down, sitting up, in your bed, on the floor, or in a chair. Come back to this space each time you meditate. Once again, our brains make associations so create a meditation standard.

5.     Focus on the movement of your breath if you find your mind wandering. Even if that means literally thinking “in”, “out”, “in”, “out” etc. for 10 minutes straight.  You are training your mind.



Start meditating today and get one step closer towards a more stress free, peaceful, and successful life!

Nicole is an Environmental Studies and Economics double major at Salisbury University who is passionate about animal rights. She strongly believes in the benefits of a minimalistic plant-based lifestyle. She is on a journey to self love and minimalism and is excited to share her progress and advice along the way. Finally, she is dedicated to yoga and running as forms of stress relief and confidence boosting. All her passions and lifestyle choices come back to her deeply rooted love for animals. Nicole believes showing compassion truly manifests itself in beautiful and positive ways in life. She is prepared to share with you the means of achieving a more meaningful, compassionate, and joyful life with her articles.
Stephanie Chisley is an outgoing go-getter. Originally, Stephanie is from Oxon Hill, MD. She is currently a student at Salisbury University where she is studying Communication Arts with a track in journalism and public relations and a minor in Theater. While attending Salisbury University, Stephanie currently holds an executive board position as the secretary for Salisbury's Society of Professional Journalists . Stephanie plans on becoming an anchor for E! News or a writer, radio host, and announcer for BuzzFeed. In her free time, Stephanie is always on her phone scanning through social media, communicating with her friends, and finding new places to eat near her area.