Mainstream Songs That Can Help You Meditate

“A practical means for calming yourself, for letting go of your biases and seeing what is, openly and clearly. It is a way of training the mind so that you are not distracted and caught up in its endless churning” -Yoga International

Meditation is a term that seems to appear quite often across all forms of the media. Reiterating the numerous health benefits of the practice has little ability to enact change if we’re unsure where to start. This may be a surprise to some, but meditative songs are so much more than drawn out instrumentals.

What’s important is how the ambient sounds make you feel. I’ve been practicing meditation for a few weeks now and without a doubt notice a change in my mental state. It offers a sense of serenity and order in a world that can be difficult to grasp a strong hold of. Below are a few of my favorite songs to mediate to.

1. Coldplay - "Strawberry Swing"

2. Marconi Union - "Weightless"

3. Yiruma - "River Flows in You"

4. Enya - "Watermark"

5. Coldplay - "Don’t Panic"

6. James Bay - "Let It Go"

7. John Legend - "Ordinary People"

8. Lana Del Rey - "Million Dollar Man"

9. Alabama Shakes - "Sound & Color"

10. Adele - "Someone Like You"

11. Daniel Caesar - "Get You"

12. Alina Baraz feat. Khalid - "Electric"

If you’re not a fan of these tunes, feel free to compile a list of songs that suit your own music tastes. I’ve had these tracks on repeat for a while and only recently discovered the roles they can play in meditation. Listen to a playlist that fully captivates your mind, allowing you to ignore all outside distractions. After all, meditation is about achieving a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.