Drink up

Paper due Sunday night, presentation on Tuesday, club meetings throughout the week...It’s that time of the semester where your responsibilities may pile up. If you are anything like me, your coping mechanisms for stress may include junk food and carbonated drinks. Or maybe you forget meals. I do not have a solution for managing responsibilities, but I have a suggestion for prioritizing your health in this season.

Drink more water.

You’re probably wondering why this piece is about drinking, but it has many benefits. Water is essential for osmosis and this is simply the process of balancing the nutrients in our bodies so that we can continue to be humans.

It is also a stress reliever. All of our organs need water to function, so that might explain the sluggish feelings and headaches that you might receive juggling your tasks throughout the day. This is a sign that you may be dehydrated. Of course, everyone’s bodies are different, so dehydration may not be the only cause of being sluggish and experiencing headaches.

Water also has a lot of beauty benefits. It is credited for decreasing wrinkles, acne, and redness (experienced through rashes and other skin conditions). If you notice that your skin appears swollen in the morning, it may be because you are dehydrated.


“I can’t drink water because it doesn’t have a taste,” someone may protest.

I’ve got you covered. If you have a water pitcher, you can fill it up at night and throw in some lemons, strawberries, cucumbers, or anything else that would enhance the taste of water. Depending on the ingredient, you could find yourself feeling like you’re at the spa for a moment in your busy day.

Wishing everyone the best of luck in the rest of the semester; drink up babes!