Clubs to Watch Out For at SU

It is impressive to see an organization grow so much in one semester. The two organizations below have impacted Salisbury in different ways. Their leaders are dedicated to serving the campus and community. Efforts of the leaders and members of these organizations brightened the Salisbury environment, therefore strengthening our community.

SU Vanity Modeling Club:

Besides serving looks, Vanity serves the community by filling the need for an organization that intends to use fashion and beauty to empower diverse students. As members of the organization carry themselves with confidence, bystanders and those interested in the organization decide whether they would have the courage to present themselves in front of their peers in the same way that the Vanity members do. As I have watched Vanity members walk and display their efforts on social media, I started to think about the way I walked around campus. I started to hold my head up more and take longer strides. This organization has made an impact on so many students in such a short amount of time. Since their interest meeting in September, Vanity has empowered men and women on campus to walk into their confidence. Throughout the semester, the organization has had meetings, photo shoots, runway shows, collaborations with other organizations, and performed community service. We appreciate everything that Vanity has done so far and look forward to seeing what they have planned next semester and the semesters to come.

Food for the Flock:

Food for the Flock serves the community in a different way. This organization provides food and hygiene products to students in need. Food for the Flock observed the needs of the students and worked with campus and community partners to fill that need. The purpose of the pantry is to provide food for those who are food insecure. Food insecurity is the feeling of not knowing where someone’s next meal is coming from. Food insecurity does not have a certain look or behavior, but anyone can find themselves suffering from food insecurity at any time. Food for the Flock invites students who may be food insecure or have other needs. The leaders and members of this organization have dedicated time and effort to serving Salisbury and they have been doing so since their ribbon cutting in October. We appreciate Food for the Flock for their efforts to serve the community.

We will be following these organizations as they continue to grow and impact the Salisbury campus and surrounding communities.