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The 5 Ways to Deal With Period Cramps

More than half of women who menstruate report some form of pain from period cramps for a day or two each month. While cramps are usually  not a sign of any serious health conditions, they can seriously put a damper on your day to day life. To help with the pain I’ve composed a list of some tricks, and tips that help with my cramps.


1. Improve your diet to alleviate your cramps


Reducing fat and increasing your vegetable intake in your diet may help ease monthly cramps. A low fat diet helps decrease overall levels of inflammation in the body

2. Turn to tea to calm cramps 

Some herbal teas like mint or lavender help relieve menstrual pain. I for one try to drink peppermint tea a week or so before my period even starts to help with the cramps.

3. Massage with essential oils for pain relief

Using certain aromatic essential oils and massaging can help relieve menstrual cramp pain. Applying diluted peppermint oil to your lower abdomen, and massaging whenever you get cramps helps alleviate pain quickly.

4. Curl up with a heating pad

Buy a heating pad from amazon or Walmart and pop it in your microwave for some seconds whenever you feel you cramps coming on. Place it on your lower abdomen and watch the pain go away. It provides immediate pain relief.


5. Exercise and stretch

Go for a walk or do some minimal stretches in your house. It helps loosen up your muscles and eases the pain of cramps.


Hey guys! Bobbi Amar-Atsen is a graduate of Salisbury University with a Bachelors in Business Management and a concentration in Human Resources. When she is not binge watching Black Mirror or The Get Down she is reading a Thousand Splendid Suns by Hosseini (again) and taking long meaningful walks to her fridge. In her spare time she enjoys taking photographs of the beautiful people, and scenery around her. In the future she hopes to open up her own nonprofit organization in Ghana and work for a large company. She joined Her Campus Salisbury to gain more experience with writing, and connect with other empowering women.
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