Staying Healthy This Winter at SMC

I think we all know that the Freshman 15 is a very VERY real thing. As I am now in my Junior year, I finally feel confident that I have a control over balancing a busy schedule and staying healthy. When winter comes around and the weather gets cold enough to where I don’t feel like walking outside or going to the gym, I still try to recognize the importance of staying healthy during winter. There's a few guidelines I like to keep in mind.


We all know the DH is not our ideal food choice, but since that is what we resort to eat on campus, MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Getting creative in the dining hall is a smart way to make healthy food more enjoyable.  Try to avoid the pizza, cookies, froyo, and fries, but remember it is always okay to treat yourself every once in awhile. Sticking to a healthy diet and not overeating will only benefit your energy level and help build a strong immune system so the winter colds won’t get to you as easily.



Drink as much water as you possibly can through the day! The winter is a dry and dehydrating time of year, so it is essential to bump up your water drinking game. Drinking at least a half gallon of water a day and it will help hydrate your skin, cure headaches, and most importantly flush out any toxins in your body! Invest in a cute water bottle to carry around through the day so you always have access to water.


WORKOUT 30 Mins a DAY (minimum)

Saint Mary’s gym in Regina is not ideal and might discourage you from going to the gym, but GO. Incorporating exercise for at least 30 mins per day will boost your mood and help your immune system. Getting your blood flowing is good for your brain function as well. Walking on the treadmill for 30 mins is a simple way to get your workout in, but if you know you get bored with that, SMC offers so many fun classes that you can grab a workout buddy and go to! My personal favorite is Yoga Club! They offer yoga sculpt with weights which really targets overall muscle toning. They also offer vinyasa, which is still challenging without weights and focuses on the yoga flow and your breathing. SMC also has HIIT, zumba, spin class, and others which everyone is welcome to!



On average, the typical college student gets 6 hours of sleep, when we should be getting at least 8. Those 2 extra hours are essential for our growth and well being, but sleep is something that is not many people prioritize. I know I know, you have too much work, too much to do.  But ladies! Get off instagram and snapchat and other time wasters a few hours earlier than usual and recognize the importance of sleep. I challenge you to get 8 hours of sleep 3 days in a row and you will have so much more energy and be much more productive during the day. Sleep patterns are extremely hard to break, but it is so important for your physical health. Getting 8 hours of sleep promotes healthy brain function, heals damaged cells, and basically recharges your body for the next day!

Show your body and brain some TLC and make these simple changes to help change your health. Small changes eventually lead to big results! Always remember, take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live!