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Get 6-8 hours of sleep, get your work done, get good grades, don’t forget to eat, get involved, spend time with friends, take care of your health… The list goes on and on and it often seems that there is not enough time in a day to do everything that we need to accomplish. Lately one of my good friends told me about her new motto in life: “live in the moment”. She no longer lingers on everything she needs to get done throughout the week causing her stress and anxiety, instead she focuses in enjoying each moment for what it is and taking advantage of the unique opportunities each day brings.


Now, this doesn’t mean you should throw your studies down the drain, and YOLO it out, but instead we should all focus in realizing that there is more to life than the test we have in the upcoming weeks, and the paper due soon. School should be one of your top priorities while in college, but it shouldn’t be the only one. The friends we make in college are so important for our personal growing and wellbeing, and we only get 4 years with them, so I am a firm believer that we should cherish and enjoy every moment we get with them.


If you haven’t seen your friends in a while or haven’t spent quality time with them in a really long time, I encourage you to find time to, because after those 4 years are over, we are going to wish we could’ve met them sooner in life, and that we could spend more years with them.

So for your own mental health, and personal growth, focus on what you’re doing AT THE MOMENT. If you are doing homework, get it done. If you’re hanging out with friends, hang out with them and don’t think about what you need to get done, what you didn’t do and what you will do. Just live in the moment.  

I love long walks down Downton Disney while sipping on some good sweet tea!
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