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Ideas for You Time

For many schools it is, or is approaching, midterms. While it can be cause for celebration for making it half way, it can also be crazy stressful. Tests and papers are due and professors analyzing your every move.

So, you need to take some time for yourself and do the things you like and find relaxing. It can really help your stress level. Here are some ideas for “You time”:


It may be the newest fad, but coloring can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Whether coloring inside or outside the lines, you can focus solely on colors and images; clearing your mind of stresses.

Retail Therapy

May be a bit pricey, but who doesn’t love shopping. Whether it is for clothes, shoes, books, pick your poison! Just let your thoughts go and head to the mall!

Make Overs

Whether make overs with friends or heading to Sephora and “checking out new foundation,” having someone else do your makeup and chatting is fun and a terrific way to let go. My recommendation is heading to Sephora, Ulta, or your favorite makeup store and having them show you “new foundations” or something. It is fun to have a somewhat professional makeover for free!

Binging Netflix

Put on your favorite show or a new one and binge a few episodes, just don’t get so addicted that you forget about homework later on!


Lucky you it’s finally the weekend! If you don’t have work the best stress reliever out there is to SLEEP! Get all cozy in bed, listen to some soothing music and sleep as long as you want. You will feel so much better when you get up.

With these suggestions, hopefully you can reduce some stress and have some fun. Good luck with midterms!

Sophomore transfer at Saint Mary's College, English Lit and Writing major
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