The Healing Power of Crystals



Does the stress of November have you absolutely terrified? Same! With the looming test dates and paper deadlines, there’s no way you aren’t a little freaked out. Lucky for you, I’m here to arm you with crystals that will get you through the highs and lows of November.


For Managing Stress



This bad boy is the ticket to a less stressful life. If you’re anything like me, you’re a wild procrastinator and are always in damage-control mode. Sure, you might be used to it by now, but dealing with the stress that arises from these long nights spent furiously tapping away at the keyboard never gets easier. With azurite by your side, your heightened emotions will start to subside.



Blue Calcite

Okay okay okay now here’s a crystal with good vibrations -- negative vibes aren’t even in the question when blue calcite is around. This pretty blue crystal helps with communication, so if you’re needing to ask for an extension on a project, you might want to carry it in your pocket on your way to office hours. Plus, if you’re in anguish (hello, all-nighter vibes), this cutie has you covered.



This is the holy grail of calming stones! Lepidolite is great for when you need relief from the chaos of life, which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t? It takes all of the crazy energy you’re feeling and redirects it into motivation and drive, helping you cut the anxiety and work harder and faster. This lavender stone is even the same color as one of the most relaxing herbs in the world! What a crazy coincidence.


For Focusing



In addition to the calming power of this stone, howlite will help you let go of any emotions that are keeping your thoughts and feelings out of focus. Sometimes we’ll do crazy stuff when we’re stressed, but howlite will set things straight and make the best course of action clear. It’s a great stone for all-around mental and emotional cleansing!



This little guy also doubles as a calming stone, but it’s super useful for clearing a mental path when things get wild up in your brain. It’s hard for me to properly prioritize things when I’m under pressure (sure, there’s a 25 page paper due Friday, but I think I’ll watch 5 hours of TV instead), so if you’re anything like that, this crystal may just be your best friend. Organized chaos is better than full out chaos!


Pyrite wants you to succeed! If you’re having a rough time working hard in class or dedicating time to your work, keep some pyrite with you and your drive to do things that will contribute to your success will be boosted. Your concentration will be magnified by this powerful little crystal and the likelihood of your goals being met! What a pal!


For Grounding



Does weird energy have you all over the place? Jet will get your out-of-whack feels in line, lightening your emotional load and allowing better vibes to come into your life. If you’ve made any mistakes, this stone will help you come to terms with them and get you over them (which is super hard to do on our own, so we’ll take the help). Overall, Jet keeps you strong when you’re feeling vulnerable and weak, so I’d keep it around just in case.



Another grounding stone, Obsidian will clean your psyche of negativity, which would be quite a treat at this insane point in the semester. If you’re feeling a little lost right now, this stone might be the perfect thing to help you find your way again. This one is essentially a must-have! Obsidian is your little spiritual protector and it wants you to feel centered again.


Petrified Wood

Petrified wood has literally seen it all and it’s here to help guide you with its wisdom. All of your negative energies should be refracted by this stone, centering you and allowing you to see things clearly and make logical decisions. Having a hard time making choices? Not sure whether to head to the bar with friends this Thursday or to stay in and work on that paper due Friday? Petrified wood will help you decide what’s most important and give you the willpower to do what’s best.


For Motivation



Carnelian is here to jumpstart your motivation! This stone will encourage you to take calculated risks (and likely succeed in them) and will arm you with the bravery to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Carnelian has been said to help the left and right sides of your brain work well together, so if you are tasked with rather complex objectives, this bright and beautiful stone should be in your future!



Selenite is a QUEEN when it comes to cleansing energy, which allows you to cut all of the surplus stuff that’s been keeping your vibes down and start focusing on the important things right now. This crystal’s ability to enhance your mental and physical balance proves to be a great asset when you need to find motivation to keep on keeping on!



If you’re looking for another crystal to help you focus, Vanadinite is your gal. This one will get your little brain working hard and keep you organized, which is wildly valuable at this point in the semester! If you have a lot of writing to do in the new future, this just might be your best friend because it’s good for relieving writer’s block. Overall, Vanadinite will have you determined to succeed and will help you come out on top this semester.


Not sure where to find crystals? If you’re in the South Bend area, I recommend Mystic Beads & Earth Wear in Niles, MI! They have just about everything you’ll need, plus the store owners are super helpful. I’m here a lot, so I’m a fan!