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When I was a little girl 

mumbling about the nonsense all day 

Telling you about everything in my brain 

You listened.

That must have been sweet.


When I was a little older

I began to dream 

Telling you about how I want to do all the great things 

You listened.

People must think you were crazy.


Then I was changing a little 

I was cynical and bitter 

I rant and vent to you about the tiniest things

You listened.

You must’ve been blaming yourself


Then I went away from you 

One night you pick up a call from me 

You were my last hope

I was scared to hell

For hours I cried,

Telling you about how I wanted to leave everything behind 

For hours, you listened.

You heart must’ve been torn part.


All theses years 

All these worlds 

All these times I though you weren’t on my side

You listened.

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